LB Rovers FC Academy & League Teams 2023 / 2024

NEW SEASON 2023 / 2024 :

Please Note that following FAI Guidelines & Under the CHILD PROTECTION ACT, Teams will only be facilitated if we have the required number of COACHES Committed to running our teams!

With our Player Personal Growing each year, there is a huge demand being put on our existing Coaches We need More Volunteers!

All Coach Education will be Provided at No Expense to Volunteers.

(The Completion of GARDA VETTING & A SAFEGUARDING CHILD PROTECTION COURSE is Mandatory prior to engaging in Coaching with our Underage Club)  


Under 7 BOYS (born 2017)    Coaches: Eoin O’ Mahony, Richard Casey, Adam O’ Neill, JJ O’ Rourke

Under 8 BOYS (born 2016)    Coaches: Niall Byrne, Eoin O’ Mahony, Richard Casey, Adam O’ Neill, JJ O’ Rourke

Under 9 BOYS (born 2015)    Coaches: Donal O’ Carroll, Liam O’ Brien, Aileen Nolan, Paul Deenihan

Under 10 BOYS (born 2014)    Coaches: Antionette Costello, John Dee, Derek O’ Carroll, Shane Delaney, Gary Lynch, Siobhan Lynch 

Under 11 BOYS (born 2013)  Coaches: Antionette Costello, Mike Scanlon, Siobhan Lynch,  

Registration for our Academy Teams can be Paid ONLINE – Registration Closes August 20th


Under 12 BOYS (born 2012) Coaches: Terry Roche, Ignatius O’ Brien, Eoin Mulvihill

Under 13 BOYS (born 2011) Coaches: Oisin Ryall, Kieran Condon, Eoin O’ Mahony, Terry Roche, Tom Costello

Under 14 BOYS (born 2010)  Coaches: Ignatius O’ Brien, Mike Murphy

Under 15 BOYS (born 2009)  Coaches: Eoin O’ Mahony, Tom Costello

Under 16 BOYS (born 2008)   Coaches: Eoin O’ Mahony, Tom Costello

Under 17 BOYS (born 2007)   Coaches: Eoin O’ Mahony, Tom Costello

Under 7/8/9 GIRLS (born 2015,2016,2017) Coaches: David Tyrrell, Brendan Brennan, Martina Scanlon, Joanne Stitt, Kelsey Brennan

Under 10 GIRLS (born 2014) Coaches: Gavin Sheehan, Martina Scanlon, James Flavin

Under 11 GIRLS  (born 2013)  Coaches: Martin Costello, John O’ Gorman, Eric Lyne, Johnny Quinlan

Under 12 GIRLS  (born 2012)  Coaches: Paudie Stack, Aidan O’ Neill

Under 14 GIRLS  (born 2010/2011)  Coaches: David Tyrrell, Ger Buckley, Robert Slemon

Under 17 GIRLS  (born 2007/2008)   Coach: Michelle Stack, Jordan O’ Rourke, Eoin O’ Mahony, Tom Costello

Registration for our LEAGUE Teams can be Paid ONLINE – Registration Closes August 20th


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