Volunteer Recruitment Policy

LB ROVERS FC existence depends on the voluntary effort of all its volunteers. Volunteers are the driving force of the club and without volunteers the club would not be in the position to offer football opportunities in our community. It is important that the club provides a healthy environment for volunteers and recruits the right people for the right job.

The following steps will help to protect young people and assist in placing volunteers in a position to which they are suited and supported.


  1. ROLE DESCRIPTIONS: The club will provide a role description for all new volunteer positions that will include a set of tasks and a time commitment. The volunteer role will be publicized through the club’s communication channels.
  2. APPLICATION FORM: A brief online application form will be provided for all applicants. This ensures the relevant information is collected and that all interested parties are treated fairly.
  3. INTERVIEW: The applicants will sit through an interview meeting with at least 2 members of the committee.
  4. REFERENCE: Every applicant will provide at least 2 references who will be contacted before the commencement of any role.
  5. GARDA VETTING: In line with legislation and the FAI’s child welfare policy everyone working with children or vulnerable adults will require garda vetting & safeguarding before starting their role.
  6. TRAINING: Our club will provide training resources to up-skill volunteers.
  7. VOLUNTEERS: All volunteers will adhere to the clubs and the FAI’s rules and code of conducts.

Please also have a read of this Volunteers Link:


Process to risk assess concerns arising from vetting returns in line with our NGB policy:


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